All free games: photo bubble pop three stars Level



This is a belong to leisure daze types of three elimination small game, the intelligence there are required, but not too high, at any time can open play or two, at any time you can also stop, basic do not need to networking and flow. Find bug was Red envelope activity hot in progress, find bug please contact me. Score with each time to eliminate the bubble the number of power level growth, every time elimination 3 each bubble get 900 points, every time elimination four for each bubble have 1600 points, I want to come out of every time elimination seven each bubble have 4900 points, or you can elimination get more also maybe ...

different people like different game, young (especially boy) is in contention strong victory temper hot of age, they like exciting competitive gaming, for example fighting racing and the like, or in the game can know more friends (especially the opposite sex), for example a variety of online. Some of it work very hard, life pressure is also very large, play the game just relax adjust Recreation, or pure pass the time. So this game for you, whether you are in the subway, and other people, the Park, scenic scenic area, or a can't arrangements what to do things bits and boring time, you can open to play a few, here no and game has nothing to do the pop up window, will not stress you must be forwarded to the social networking site in order to get something, otherwise it will face unfair competition. Here the way to share point personal experience, if there game request you forward to the circle of friends, you can build a group, group in only you a person, and then forwarded to the group on it. This game while also used to Diamond, but is presented the Diamond will be greatly there are, in front of off basically culture sense of accomplishment, no need to Diamond, as long as the arrangement reasonable, Diamond also basic enough behind washed off with a, of course, this is also with everyone's ability patience for wishing everyone happy! If you get all of the stars please let me know if there mysterious awards ...

• simple rules: any shape bubble: click the bubble and then click hope move to the place. The same bubble together, regardless of composition any shape, up to three or more can eliminate. Single eliminate the more addition score higher. Finger slide screen browse level. In addition to buy, get the stars when will get Diamond.

• no time limit.

• the rich the level design, let stand-alone games not boring.

• all can be customized to favorite photos blurring used as a game background or phone wallpaper, or make Crystal ball convex lens concave lens magnifying glass haha mirror and other lens filter effects for game small ball.

• can also make good photos save to album, then you can publish to micro-letter, facebook, Sina Weibo, qq space, twitter, PayPal, Youku, CCTV audio and video, York, Sohu, orkut, flickr, everyone, happy, Bean, odnoklassniki, vkontakte, mixi, badoo, hi5, myspace, cyworld, netlog etc., and a friend share your work.